i need a title

i feel betrayed so i'm listening to Lithium and Cherbourg.

I don't have anything fashion related lately, but I do want to buy a skirt, maybe in a black, swingy material.

legs for only an hour

hello (invisible friends) do you like judas? this photo was taken in my brother's backyard. the shoes are about a size and a half too big, but i never find shoes in my size anyway.

should i redirect this blog to blogspot? since i'm not swedish and i don't live in sweden. but i love the style of this blog so much better. so yeah, maybe i will.
i think i want to go to a big city, for college, since i'm quite lonely now, and in a big city i'll be lonely. in a big city loneliness is different because you're in a big city, and there are at least a thousand other people who feel as lonely as you at the same moment. so it's like a party of lonely people, except no one notices this because of the loneliness.



i watched this film of people palying cards, i only watched it because it's from 1897.
a screenshot for you, my nonexistant readers.


i'm such an outcast now. not even the cool kind (goodlooking with cool hair). i'm only average and i don't have cool hair. plus i don't even have a car.
i promise:
to write at least once a week, because i really want to blog, i just am boring.
to take my own pictures and post them too.

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