pictures and some screenshots

A lot of these are not modern, but I love them. Especially the ones from the early 1900s. Like the kids.

irrational rant

*i'm ranting to the readers that don't exist because this is my blog.

wtf? why are all clothes so BIG! it's as if they only make clothes for fatties. Yes, fatties. Why is everyone's feet so big? Doesn't anyone have small feet anymore? They should stop putting so many fucking hormones in the food. Why are people's fingers so fat? I can't even buy a ring without me checking every 5 seconds to see if it fell off of my finger! Nevermind the fact that I have skeletal hands with no meat on them. Why are people so tall? Every fucking jacket i get, oops too long! So then I have to take it up myself. I WANT TO WEAR AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING AS SOON AS I  GET IT. Why do people have such WIDE shoulders? Is everyone in America a fucking linebacker now? huh? Why do clothes swallow me completely? Where are the clothes for short and small people, who have small frames? We want clothes too! Why are the waists in jeans so LARGE? Doesn't anyone have a small waist anymore? I'm going to start going to special shops for everything.


I just couldn't help it.

n. hoolywood


30s convict-gangster- people. i love movies like this. i'd like a porkpie hat, and maybe 1703's trousers.


the 1st thing I though was neigh. and then I thought about carousel rides. Also, I thought about the glittery red cat we held at our house for my grandmother. I miss carousel rides! anyway, i'm posting from school, it's 10:05 AM. It's Friday and when I go home, i'm getting money from my mother and going thrifting. i thought of this song: sunday smile - beirut.


rick owens

  rick owens is my top favorite designer.

ann demeulemeester

Shoes, and the magical fact that ann demeulemeester made my day!

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