grace jones = love

jil sander

Careful hair, boxy, swingy, maximal, stripes, navy, tailoring. I love it, especially the 6th dress, with horizontal black and white stripes. All of this while still being minimal, one of my favorite

carin wester

I think i'm more inspired by menswear than womenswear. I've been looking for boots like this (on the right) for a while, nothing ever fits my tiny size 3 feet. I haven't grown since 7th grade. I'm in love with the entire outfit, especially the coat, and the length of both trousers.

carin wester

the saint charles streetcar line

from home.

shoes at prada

pictures from the huffington post.

I like the first ones for the jazz age flapper i-party-all-night-with-a-boa effect (my favorite era), the second because of the espadrille?, although I think only the espadrille would do it for me. The last ones are my favorite, because i love the height, and (suprise) the colors. It reminds me of dancing.

boy 1904

I have an entire folder with pictures similar to this, and I can look at them forever.


I felt so bad about the picture i had here that i took it off. it really was horrible. It was this pastry that I made with little rasberries on the side, it didn't even look delectable.

I have a natural frown, and it makes me sad, I'm so bad at being social I want to cry. I'll massage my eyebrows for 10 15 minutes everyday. I'm serious as a heart attack.



1912+floating cities?
I've never played Bioshock, but i think i will now.

boardwalk empire

I thought i'd be into the story more, but i ended up staring at the design, as always. I love the 20s.

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