legs for only an hour

hello (invisible friends) do you like judas? this photo was taken in my brother's backyard. the shoes are about a size and a half too big, but i never find shoes in my size anyway.

should i redirect this blog to blogspot? since i'm not swedish and i don't live in sweden. but i love the style of this blog so much better. so yeah, maybe i will.
i think i want to go to a big city, for college, since i'm quite lonely now, and in a big city i'll be lonely. in a big city loneliness is different because you're in a big city, and there are at least a thousand other people who feel as lonely as you at the same moment. so it's like a party of lonely people, except no one notices this because of the loneliness.


i'm such an outcast now. not even the cool kind (goodlooking with cool hair). i'm only average and i don't have cool hair. plus i don't even have a car.
i promise:
to write at least once a week, because i really want to blog, i just am boring.
to take my own pictures and post them too.

irrational rant

*i'm ranting to the readers that don't exist because this is my blog.

wtf? why are all clothes so BIG! it's as if they only make clothes for fatties. Yes, fatties. Why is everyone's feet so big? Doesn't anyone have small feet anymore? They should stop putting so many fucking hormones in the food. Why are people's fingers so fat? I can't even buy a ring without me checking every 5 seconds to see if it fell off of my finger! Nevermind the fact that I have skeletal hands with no meat on them. Why are people so tall? Every fucking jacket i get, oops too long! So then I have to take it up myself. I WANT TO WEAR AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING AS SOON AS I  GET IT. Why do people have such WIDE shoulders? Is everyone in America a fucking linebacker now? huh? Why do clothes swallow me completely? Where are the clothes for short and small people, who have small frames? We want clothes too! Why are the waists in jeans so LARGE? Doesn't anyone have a small waist anymore? I'm going to start going to special shops for everything.

the saint charles streetcar line

from home.


I felt so bad about the picture i had here that i took it off. it really was horrible. It was this pastry that I made with little rasberries on the side, it didn't even look delectable.

I have a natural frown, and it makes me sad, I'm so bad at being social I want to cry. I'll massage my eyebrows for 10 15 minutes everyday. I'm serious as a heart attack.

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